“When I was planning my book on Success in the Fitness Industry, Giovanni was one of the first people I thought of including. His passion for helping people, his drive to be the best that he can be, his constant pursuit of continuing education and the integrity he has shown is the exact model I was looking for in profiling the best of the best in the industry.  Leading by example, he not only can talk the talk, but he walks the walk.  Giovanni embodies so many of the qualities that we need more of in the fitness industry.”  Anthony Renna, CONTINUEfit.com


“In a field that is so highly saturated with general fitness professionals, it is rare to come across a truly talented coach whom you would trust with any of your clients, and in Giovanni you find exactly that. I have worked with many industry leading medical and fitness pros, and consider Giovanni among the highest caliber of coaches you can possibly find. His understanding of the emotional experience of training coupled with his technical intelligence allow him to produce the absolute best programs for his clientele- from a stressed out Mom to a weekend warrior to a top level athlete. I would 100% recommend him for anyone looking to take their results to the highest level they can.” Ali Gilbert, Director of Performance, CLAY Health & Spa


“Giovanni is a top-notch personal trainer who truly is the full package!  His passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle is evident in the way he is constantly updating his already tremendous knowledge base.  Gio’s ability to really listen enables him to develop a personalized program that helps each client achieve their goals.  His total focus is on the client each session, teaching and requiring the best form while pushing and motivating you to your limits…and beyond.” – Kathy


“Giovanni is the type of fitness professional that you should only hope to be so lucky to cross paths with. Combining function and fun is exactly what he does as he challenges you to think outside of the box while taking your body and mind to new levels of fitness. I was changed as instructor and motivator from the first time that we worked together. He truly wants people to better themselves in every way. What Giovanni has taught to me and brought to my career I am now able to share through every aspect of my teaching. His value is immeasurable.” – Ali Cerone, Equinox Group Fitness Instructor 

“Giovanni has to be one of the most incredible personal trainers I have ever met and worked with! As a dancer with 25 years experience, I truly appreciate his attention to really understanding the body through movement. You won’t find a more qualified, professional trainer in the business!” – Joseph Corella-Sandler, Professional Dancer & Creator of 567Broadway!