Giovanni was featured as one of the first guests on the brand new podcast, 52 Weeks of Me.

We can all agree that physical fitness is important in staying healthy. Some of us are guilty of setting aside our workout schedule over an unexpected appointment. Staying motivated and focusing on our goal plays a big role in making sure we keep our workout routine to stay physically fit.  Our aging process does not exactly help with brain health and so knowing the steps and ways to help our cognition as we get older is essential. It is not easy getting old and there are ways we can do to look good, feel good and stay healthy as we age. Learn about how Giovanni is able to maintain his physical health by following a routine that works for him and his clients, and which may work for you as well.

52 Weeks of Me is a podcast hosted by working moms Jacklyn Osborne & Erika Brooks.  The 52 WoM series is dedicated to helping others find their best self in as little as 52 weeks. Through a collection of open discussions with professional experts as well as individuals sharing their own success stories, listen to these stories as we all strive for life-work balance and the journey towards realizing our full potential from within.

Check below to listen to the full episode: