In This 8 Hour Hands-On Workshop You Will:

  • Identify proper technique with ViPR PRO Fundamental Exercises
  • Practice coaching with ViPR PRO to create a safe and effective training environment for yourself or clients
  • Identify when and how to properly regress or progress a ViPR PRO exercise
  • Discover ViPR PRO workouts designed for enhancing mobility, strength, power and metabolic conditioning
  • Gain insight on how to develop exercise programs using ViPR PRO

Continuing Education Credits:

  • ACE: .7
  • FAA: 7.0
  • NASM: .7
  • NSCA: .7
  • PTAGlobal: 7.0

* All participants receive full access to the ViPR PRO app with a library of 100 exercises, educational lessons, and additional ViPR PRO information.

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