In This 7 Hour Hands-On Workshop You Will:

  • Identify proper technique with ViPR PRO Fundamental Exercises
  • Practice coaching with ViPR PRO to create a safe and effective training environment for yourself or clients
  • Identify when and how to properly regress or progress a ViPR PRO exercise
  • Discover ViPR PRO workouts designed for enhancing mobility, strength, power and metabolic conditioning
  • Gain insight on how to develop exercise programs using ViPR PRO

Continuing Education Credits:

  • ACE: .7
  • AFAA: 7.0
  • NASM: .7
  • NSCA: .7
  • PTAGlobal: 7.0

* All participants receive full access to the ViPR PRO app with a library of 100 exercises, educational lessons, and additional ViPR PRO information.

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“As a coach I was introduced to ViPR several years ago and I use it myself and with clients on a regular basis. As much as I like it, I had really forgotten a load of information and I was probably doing the same exercises with no actual intent behind them.

The workshop was a great refresher for me to reconnect with the ViPR fundamentals and general principles of loaded movement again. The workshop itself was nicely balanced out with the right amount of information without being overwhelmed. Giovanni was a great instructor making everything very clear and keeping the energy high.

The new ViPR PRO product is awesome; I almost want to throw my old ViPR out! So much more streamline and easier to use, you feel the difference as soon as you pick it up.

I especially like the curriculum that comes with the certification. So much more information is available before and after the workshop; this isn’t typically the case with new certifications.

I highly recommend taking this workshop, even if you already know ViPR like me, its great to revive your knowledge and connect with great leaders in the industry. If you don’t know ViPR even better, it’s a brand new world to explore.”

– Rachel Morgan, Tier 3 Personal Trainer, Equinox South Beach