Giovanni recently sat down with Wake Up The Sun Podcast hosted by Matt Williams.

Matt Williams is the co-founder and co-owner of the very popular and delicious FROPRO snack bar, located in Boca Raton, Florida.

According to Matt, “the health, wellness and fitness world is filled with some amazing people and I had the opportunity to sit down with Giovanni and get to know a bit more about his story. He has a passion for helping others, treating everyone he works with like family and how we would want to be treated and honors time being our most precious commodity. He is an educator, trainer, coach, father, family man among many other talents. I met him years ago through fitness connections and we always stayed in touch through social media and Ive always found him to be motivating, inspiring and honorable in the way he carries himself in all that he does.  In this episode we talk about what fuels him to be the best version of himself and that starts with being a father. His morning routine is one that touched my heart and soul after he shared it with me. His approach to life and how he coaches or educates future trainers is done with respect, care and commitment. We also spoke about the resilience to persevere through anything no matter how great the obstacle.”

Click here to listen to the interview as Giovanni opens up about some things he has never shared publicly.

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